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MIS Helpdesk

For help with this site, please contact the helpdesk at mis@seaburylife.org
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Arlton Clifton (AJ)

Tel. #860-837-1432
Email: arltonclifton@seaburylife.org

Renaud LePape

Tel. #860-243-6046
Email: renaudlepape@seaburylife.org

Graham Fong

Director of Information Technology

Tel. #860-243-6088
Email: grahamfong@seaburylife.org

Latest Books

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AA The Fun is Here
HA Liar's poker
T The places in between
SC Uniquely human
F The Mephisto Club
M Slaves of obsession
LPF Plugged
F Locked on
SA After church mysteries
SA Basically good people